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Government’s tightening up on property tax

What we are seeing as a result The media has certainly highlighted issues concerning housing in a wider context for the past while. With the pressures on our housing market in New Zealand in general (the lack of, affordability, overseas investment), the Government has introduced measures to try to reduce property speculation, which they foresee […]

We Put Our Money Where Our Clients Are

We believe that most valuable thing we can do for our clients (after providing business services and advice) is to use their services ourselves, or to make introductions where it benefits both parties. We try hard to connect people. When we know someone needs something that another client supplies, we put one client in touch […]

Blackler Smith & Co clients – The Bolton Hotel

The Bolton Hotel Our clients are always up to interesting activities, and we are proud to be associated with them. We’d like to share one with you: You may wonder why The Bolton Hotel has so many wonderful pieces of art by the well-known New Zealand artist, Rita Angus. The owner of The Bolton Hotel […]

Inland Revenue – What we’re seeing 2016

The introduction of the Bright-line test means if you buy and sell a residential house within two years from 1 October 2015 you probably have to pay income tax on any profit (limited exemptions apply). The IRD now takes a hard line and identifies properties sold within 2 years and asks for details surrounding the […]

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

The new legislation means there is now more legal and moral accountability on everyone regarding health and safety in the workplace, with the ultimate goal being to ensure New Zealand workplaces are safer. The law took effect 4 April 2016 so the Court would expect businesses to have incorporated any enhancements to health and safety […]

Put your money where your clients are

At Blackler Smith & Co we believe that after providing business services and advice, the next best valuable thing we can do to support our clients is to use their services ourselves, or make introductions where it benefits both parties. We try hard to connect people. When we know someone needs something that another client […]

Business Strategy Positioning and Functionality

Running a business should be EASY if you know where you are positioned in the marketplace. But the specifics can make things more complicated. Do catchy titles in advertising and business buzzwords leave you feeling cold? Do you loathe all the technical jargon out there, like ‘business plans’, ‘cash flows’, ‘working capital’ and ‘succession planning’? […]

Award Winners

They exist to put you at your ease and will walk alongside you on your business journey. If you need professional accountancy services but feel a little nervous about approaching anyone for help, then the friendly team at Blackler Smith & Co will soon allay any trepidation you may feel. Winner of the award for […]